Scenario Planning Workshop – Langdon Morris


Scenario Planning is a proven technique for examining possible future states of society and the economy in situations of high uncertainty and turbulence, such as we are experiencing today. The goal of this approach is not to predict the future, which is in any case impossible, but rather to model possible and plausible futures, and then to discover the best strategic actions that an organization can take to pro-actively address the future. The technique focuses on identifying the forces that are driving change, and then on modeling their interactions.
It has proven to extremely valuable for all types of organizations, both as a process of gaining strategic insight, and as a means of developing greater depth of expertise in strategy, management, and leadership.
During the workshop the participants will learn the technique by practicing the technique. Working in teams, participants will create scenarios and then model the strategic consequences, achieving thereby a deep understanding of the driving forces and many possible future states. This will help enormously in developing their capacity to anticipate the future and to undertake proactive strategic initiatives in their organizations.


Workshop leader Langdon Morris is recognized worldwide as an expert in innovation and strategy. His most recent book is the highly acclaimed “Foresight and Extreme Creativity: Strategy for the 21st Century,” which provides a deep analysis of today’s key driving forces and includes more than 100 pages of scenario planning models and analysis.

Langdon has been leading scenario planning projects for more than 2 decades, and has trained thousands of people in these techniques at organizations including Total Oil, the US Coast Guard, the US Navy, Callaghan New Zealand, Airbus, the National Board of Medical Examiners, and many others.