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RAPID IDEATION CHALLENGE – Nicole Lach, Maia Sciupac


 “The Rapid Ideation Challenge is a customized group activity to encourage creativity and new thinking to solve challenging problems. As we evaluate how innovation can be leveraged, this activity will help us deconstruct the problem, generate new and exciting ideas, prototype established solutions and create compelling stories to pitch our innovations.”


Nicole Lach is a member of the Innovation Delivery Team at Booz Allen Hamilton. As a design thinking and metrics expert within the team, Nicole helps drive impact for her clients by helping them government build their own cultures of innovation. For her undergraduate degree, Nicole studied Civil Engineering, was a part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program and mastered her business process improvement and change management skills through the consulting honors program.


Maia Sciupac is an Associate for the Innovation Delivery Team at Booz Allen Hamilton. Prior to joining Booz Allen, she co-founded a design strategy firm, called Create&, which trains future makers in design thinking, and works with community colleges to prepare students to fully participate in a more diverse economy. Maia’s background also includes working in the anti-human trafficking field for close to ten years, using human-centered design and tech innovation. Her current interests include blockchain technology and co-organizing Unleaded, a design sprint meetup in the Washington DC Metro Area. Maia received her MBA from Johns Hopkins University and a BA, summa cum laude, from UC Berkeley.