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Metrics Based Innovation Management Workshop – Dr. Sorin Cohn


Many companies are wasting time and money due to haphazard firm-level innovation management. This workshop presents an ISO 50501 compatible methodology for managing innovation at the corporate level. A company’s success starts with a properly aligned leadership that nurtures a culture of entrepreneurship and pursues innovation comprehensively, competitively and methodically with the right metrics to ensure tangible and timely value where it counts – in the market.

The workshop trains senior managers to enhance competitiveness, achieve growth and avoid decline by adopting sound principles of innovation management that require them to:

  • Show leadership with compelling vision, manageable goals and competitive will
  • Adopt a comprehensive innovation management framework
  • Apply a competitive metrics-based innovation management methodology
  • Know the company and its world, and proceed with complementary business models
  • Target reality-based competitive imperatives as an innovation portfolio
  • Acquire necessary & sufficient means for success (partly via collaboration)
  • Structure innovation portfolio in projects and determine a meaningful portfolio of metrics
  • Execute & evaluate on time the innovation projects in its corporate innovation portfolio
  • Review and adjust timely the corporate innovation portfolio, in tune with results and market dynamics
  • and then draw lessons of both success and failure and communicate them widely
  • Improve itself, the company and its culture; and continue relentlessly

Success requires that companies, and industries as a whole, keep on assessing their competitive positions and innovation capabilities to stay in step with market dynamics, ensure performance and avoid decline. They need to ascertain that they have aligned, knowledgeable and accountable leadership, that they are maintaining a culture of entrepreneurship aligned with business goals and that they manage innovation comprehensively, competitively and methodically with proper metrics to ensure market performance.

Participants will be introduced to the Competitive Value Innovation Guide (CViG) cloud tool dedicated to helping corporate leadership make smarter investments, handle executive misalignments and adopt effective corporate innovation management practices.

Unlike existing innovation diagnosis tools that focus on process with scant attention to competitive situations and cultural issues, the CViG tool performs targeted competitive analyses and probes the executive understanding of business models, innovation strategies, management practices and corporate alignments. It reflects the executive mindset, team alignment and management capabilities, thus providing benchmark innovation assessments of companies and industrial sectors in the context of the value-add corporate innovation management framework.

Compatible with the forthcoming ISO50501 standard, the CViG tool benefits several classes of users: (i) executive managers and their consultants for determining factual competitive imperatives, executive misalignments and mapping critical areas for improvement, and (ii) VC and private equity investors who can augment their due-diligence process for in-depth analysis of investment chances of success.

Participants will have the option of hands-on learning via on-line exercises and feedback on how to accelerate company growth, avoid decline and enhance competitiveness through in-depth knowledge of corporate innovation management, executive team alignment and commitment to methodical development and nurturing of a culture of innovation within their organizations.


Dr. Sorin Cohn is Founder and CEO of c-IM&E Inc. and BD Cohnsulting Inc. He was the Chairman of Startup Canada, the association of entrepreneurs in Canada.

Dr. Cohn leads the research on innovation metrics and management in the Center for Business Innovation at the Conference Board of Canada and is working with i-Canada and CATA Alliance drivingInnovation Nationprograms to help Canadian communities enhance their competitiveness. Sorin is also chairing the board of ASE Smart Energy Inc. and farmNXT – companies dedicated to global energy savings in residential environments and advanced farm management solutions throughout the world, respectively.

In 2012 Dr. Cohn was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for services to Canadian communities and industry.

Sorin has 40 years international business & technology experience in large multinational as well as SME companies having been involved in most facets of “innovation development”: from idea to research and lab prototype, from technology to product, new business units, and then to market success on the global stage.

Mid 2000’s, he was in Paris and all of Europe, as the Managing Director EMEA for Terawave – a California optical access company. Early 2000’s, as co-founder and President Global Portfolio of OrbitIQ Inc. – a global business accelerator, Sorin has been working with technology companies in North America, Israel and Europe to build their market strengths. In 2000 he founded Wireless Multimedia Solutions in North Carolina.

Prior to 2000, Sorin held executive positions with Nortel Networks in Wireless, Enterprise Networks and Carrier Networks, and was Director for Exploratory Programs at BNR. He has developed new technologies, created R&D laboratories, started new product lines and initiated/managed new business units. Sorin has several essential patents in web services, wireless and digital signal processing, as well as over 100 publications and presentations.

In parallel, during the 80’s, Dr. Cohn has been Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa. A Killam Scholarship recipient, he received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, an M.Sc. in Physics and an M.Eng. in Engineering Physics. He is lecturing in Europe and Americas on business management and entrepreneurial innovation.