Leaders and Champions -Dr. Ayesha AlMutawa


The Role of the Facilitator in Building Capability for Sustainable Innovation

Even with the best of intentions, without guidelines to structure the interactions, members of a complex organization or ecosystem will struggle to coordinate their innovative activities. When taking a human-centered, cross-company approach to ideating and realizing solutions, the most effective way to build capability that results in lasting impact is a facilitator. Facilitators can act as the bridge to ensure that ideation isn’t just confined to an “innovation unit” but diffused throughout the organization. A skilled facilitator is one who can communicate at all levels and functions, ask the right questions, share the right information, translate the ‘speaks’ of different functions. Successfully facilitating the innovation process dramatically increases an organization‘s ability to create ongoing breakthroughs and confront problems creatively. The facilitator plays a key role in stimulating the ideation community, shaping the idea development and testing process. organizing review activities, defining evaluation criteria and communicating project milestones. So where do you get one of these unicorns?! What are the pros and cons of going in-house versus hiring a third party? What skill-set and experience should that person have? How can you establish a common language, including clear definitions of innovation and communicate more fully from concept to actualizing?

ABOUT Dr. Ayesha AlMutawa:

Dr. Ayesha AlMutawa is a seasoned professional, a Futurist, a positive change agent, and an advocate for innovation, sustainable success & excellence in performance. With over 18 years of experience as an executive in Strategic Planning & Performance Management, Quality & Business excellence, Sustainability & CSR, and in the past 2 years focused on Innovation.

In her role as chief innovation officer Dr. AlMutawa is primarily responsible for managing the process of innovation, change management and for designing an innovation-friendly environment in her organization. Her role is to create innovation momentum and to mobilize collaboration internally through identifying, supporting and recognizing innovative ideas and innovators; and externally through mobilizing sponsorships, partnerships, and entrepreneurs towards advancing innovative projects.

Dr. AlMutawa is currently working on developing software of idea / innovation scheme that can mobilize multiple channels for ideation and manage ideas journey and identify innovation index.
Her recent passion and research work is about Genomics. Additionally, Dr. AlMutawa worked with Microsoft to develop a prototype of an electronic platform that serves to integrate all experts in the field of medicine, research, bioscience, to enable them to deliver personalized medicine to patients based on patients’ genetic maps. This platform is under testing and further development.


Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Master in Public health


Higher diplomas & Leadership certification from leading institutions including: Cambridge, Judge Business School,Oxford University, University of Leeds, Ashridge Business School

  • Expert in Innovation (Dean’s list 2016)
  • Certified Future Foresight Professional

Over 18 yrs. Of experience (1993- 2015)

Currently work at Ministry of Health- DXB:

  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Director of Strategy and Future Dept.

Health Authority of Abu Dhabi:

  • Director Corporate performance & ERM

Dubai Holding- Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)- DXB:

  • Vice President – Center for Healthcare Planning & Quality (CPQ)
  • Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Appreciation & Awards:

  • Recipient of Best Team Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns
  • Future Leader Program Award Sept 2007- by Dubai Ethic Resource Center – Dubai Chamber of Commerce &  Industry
  • Recipient of Inspirational Leadership Award
  • Recipient of the Chairman Best Entity Corporate Social Responsibility award
  • Recipient of most effective use of sponsorship and event marketing award 2007
  • Recipient of entity best Innovation in surgical solution AND best innovative health & safety awards
  • Achieved Gold accreditation standards for Ideas scheme By Ideas UK – 2016