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Innovation Circle with Innovation360 Group – Magnus Penker


This original, interactive format brings a unique approach to measuring and assessing business innovation utilizing InnoSurvey®, an assessment system for Innovation Management. You will have the ability to run your own personalized, assessment prior to the event that will be printed and provided to you during this session.

This detailed report lays out tangible recommendations on how your organization can sharpen their innovation strategy, leadership, culture, and capabilities. You can review up-to-the-minute metrics from your organization’s own InnoSurvey® results, detailing strategies that are uniquely designed to fit your internal capabilities and market position. Your team will gain consensus on:

  • How to minimize project risks and pinpoint developing opportunities
  • Where to allocate resources to achieve a balanced innovation portfolio
  • Which ideas you can bring to market faster with greater confidence


After an insightful lecture defining the parameters of the challenges we face, participant take a deep dive into the results of their assessment which is compared to thousands of other innovators globally. We will break down strategy, culture, leadership, capabilities and innovation processes in a way that is tangible and interactive.


This workshop will be lead by Magnus Penker, who will also be a keynote during Innova-Con on the topic of Innovation Metrics.