Inclusion and Diversity


Workforce Planning and Organizational Development to Support Innovation

Most innovation managers know that people are at the core of innovation but how do you transform from a process driven corporate office to a collaborative and creative solution center? How do you build tools and processes so that inclusion and diversity are key parts of all innovation efforts? This session shares ways to focus on your employees, those you have and those you need now and tomorrow. Hiring and promotion criteria to strengthen company’s innovation ‘gene pool’. We discuss how to leverage embedded competencies and assets, how to encourage teams to challenge accepted norms and practices, to anticipate trends and understand the opportunities that arise from these. How do you develop internal competency for innovation, a capability that is ongoing and sustainable? How do you ensure that managers have the right knowledge, skills and experience are engaged? What organizational change is necessary to promote collaboration, learning and experimentation? How best to share ideas and knowledge freely? What type of structure should project teams have? Where should they be located? How do we ensure lessons learned from success and failure are captured and shared, not punished? Hear how to anticipate the impact of proposed disruption to stakeholders and develop strategies to alleviate that – workforce planning that can adapt to ensure the company thrives.