Idea Management – Doug Collins


Recognizing Innovation as the Process of Managing Ideas: Out of the textbook and onto the P&L

This first session focuses on the underlying theme of the event – what are those common pitfalls when we try to take the science of innovation out of the text books and make it a corporate process? How can we avoid these? How do we marry the textbook ‘tools of innovation’ with the demands of a real business? How do we stop confusing innovation with ‘invention’ and move it into daily business operations? What kind of frameworks are out there to help manage the key components of innovation: idea generation, idea selection, idea diffusion? To what extent should innovation initiatives be integrated into the organization’s strategy? Can innovation in corporations actually be measurable and manageable?


Doug Collins serves as an innovation architect. He helps organizations such as The Estee Lauder Companies, Intel Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, The Procter & Gamble Company, and Reed Elsevier navigate the fuzzy front end of innovation.

Doug develops approaches, creates forums, and structures engagements whereby people can convene to explore the critical questions facing the enterprise. He helps people assign economic value to the ideas and to the collaboration that result.

As an author, Doug explores ways in which people can apply the practice of collaborative innovation in his series Innovation Architecture: A New Blueprint for Engaging People through Collaborative Innovation.

Doug’s latest book in the series, Great Question!, provides practical guidance to business leaders on forming and posing the questions that lead to meaningful innovation. Great Question! releases in September 2016 on Amazon.

Doug works as senior practice leader and Chief Solutions Architect at social innovation company Spigit, Inc. He focuses on helping clients realize their potential for leadership by pursuing and perfecting their practice of collaborative innovation.

Previously at Structural Dynamics Research Corporation, Doug worked in the areas of information visualization, lead user analysis, market opportunity analysis, and strategic planning as clients in discrete manufacturing such as The Ford Motor Company, Nokia, Siemens, and Xerox moved from designing products on the drafting board to collaborating on 3D digital representations of them.

Doug also worked at Harris Corporation, where he developed the enquiry-led approach for engaging client executives at media & entertainment customers such as Discovery Communications, EchoStar, Time Warner, and The Walt Disney Company. He reframed the large group strategic planning process to reflect growing opportunities outside North America.

Earlier, Doug co-founded a software company EVSM that develops simple, visual approaches to strategic planning and lean problem solving for companies, worldwide. Doug earned his MBA at the University of Cincinnati.

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