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Driving Innovation with Blockchain – practical applications – Langdon Morris



The blockchain is a powerful innovation tool across the entire economy, as it provides new mechanisms to establish and validate trust and reputation, and to facilitate transactions.  It marks a potentially significant shift in the structure of the economy, one likely to have massive implications for everyone and every organization involved in finance and capital formation, which in the end is just about everyone.  This presents two notable difficulties.  First, hardly anyone actually understands what a blockchain is, how it’s created, or why it’s useful, and second, its short and medium and long term implications are elusive.  In this talk, Langdon Morris will share insights from the new book “Financing Revolution” which explores many of the ways that innovative blockchain based technologies could indeed fundamentally alter the structure of the economy.  This is likely to be essential knowledge for all innovators and would-be innovators.


Workshop leader Langdon Morris is recognized worldwide as an expert in innovation and strategy. His most recent book is the highly acclaimed “Foresight and Extreme Creativity: Strategy for the 21st Century,” which provides a deep analysis of today’s key driving forces and includes more than 100 pages of scenario planning models and analysis.

Langdon has been leading scenario planning projects for more than 2 decades, and has trained thousands of people in these techniques at organizations including Total Oil, the US Coast Guard, the US Navy, Callaghan New Zealand, Airbus, the National Board of Medical Examiners, and many others.