Ditch the Duds – Craig Wirkus


Establishing Common-Sense Criteria For Killing An Idea/Project Without Killing the Process

The choice of which innovations to pursue is a critical factor influencing a company’s ability to innovate successfully and yet most organizations struggle with how and when to make the decision to cut .Poorly structured idea generation initiatives and evaluation processes can kill promising ideas too quickly.
Sticking with a project for too long because of emotional attachment, reputational risk, sunk costs or lack of other ideas is worse. In this session we will talk about how different organizations have developed simple criteria for evaluating and prioritizing ideas to help screen and review innovation projects. How do they make objective decisions and construct an evaluation process to keep the focus on what matters most, in which creativity is aligned with strategy, and where approved ideas become projects with clear milestones and timelines.What tools do they use to ensure products are moving through the pipelines as planned? Participants will also share how thekill decision is communicated to the stakeholders to maximize learning and reward sensible decision making. What kind of feedback loops are working