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The IAOIP Certification Program and its Benefits

The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) acts as an expert third party to certify individuals as professional innovators. As a non-profit organization, IAOIP’s goal is to grow innovation into a formal profession, enrich the knowledge and practice of innovation, and to create career paths for innovators throughout world.

As with other professions, certifying bodies assist in codifying knowledge and helping organizations and individuals trust that the skills and knowledge of certified individuals meet their standards by providing rigorous examination validating the individual’s knowledge and skills in a subject area. Our certification is a public and visible endorsement of an individual’s ability to innovate. Anyone can take our certification exam (see Obtaining the Certification below), and in particular, the following groups of individuals would find it tremendously beneficial.

Working professionals have a lot to gain from a professional innovation certification. Some individuals may be tasked with creating innovative products or services. Other individuals may be placed in a position where they must guide innovation across their organization (e.g., innovation manager or innovation directors). For these individuals, the knowledge and skills learnt from our certification will substantially aid them in their daily tasks, guiding them to more successful and innovative outcomes.

Career Seekers, Students, and Veterans would find that having innovation skills and knowledge provides an advantage over others candidates, allowing certified individuals to enter new and exciting job opportunities. Studying innovation is also fascinating. Organizations are seeking individuals who can deliver top line innovation and in doing so help change the world.

Executives, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs who are tasked with growing a business would all benefit from finding innovations and embedding the capability to innovate inside their organization. There are many different ways innovation can be used. Learning which way to apply innovation is a critical first step during the certification process (see the innovation certification body of knowledge figure below).

Benefits of Becoming an IAOIP Certified Professional Innovator

When deciding to pursue the IAOIP certification, please consider the many benefits, some of which are listed below:

Gain knowledge and skills in innovation. Certified members have a base knowledge of 10+ areas of innovation, and having an impending examination is a motivating and clear way to learn a subject in a comprehensive manner.

Public and visible endorsement of your skills. All certified members’ names are listed on the IAOIP website. IAOIP is internationally recognized, and certified members can used the trademarked title “CPI, Certified Innovation Professional™”.

Increased success rate. Innovating success rates vary greatly from company to company. The best way to increase innovation success rates is to have practitioners educated in innovation and implement the most current innovation practices and strategies.

Support and backing of the IAOIP. The international association of innovation professionals has significant resources for its members and certified professionals. Our hundreds of articles on innovation, authoritative Global Innovation Science Handbook (1st Ed), and our large network of innovation professionals are all accessible to support and continue to grow member’s knowledge and skills.

Validity of the IAOIP Certification

The IAOIP CPI certification was created by a group of recognized innovation leaders from around the world through a joint IAOIP committee. Committee members range from working professional innovators, university professors of innovation, and consultants, to world authorities on innovation. The exam was developed strictly with references to current knowledge citing only authoritative articles and books. A large database of questions was created and vetted by the committee insuring a rigorous examination. Exams are administered via online proctoring and can be taken by IAOIP members around the world insuring that professionals who pass are authenticated and proven to meet our standards.

Certification Framework

The program is based on the framework of recognizing both increasing levels of knowledge and accomplishment as well as to accommodate different specialized fields in the practice and science of innovation. Many certification programs employ both levels, and fields or categories, to more accurately reflect the differing areas of specialization and to reflect the progressive nature of professional development.

The certification program will initially offer three levels of recognition termed at the present time as basic, professional, and advanced. These may be favorably compared with the terms used in the skilled trades of novice, journeyman, and expert or in the professional engineering field of engineer-in-training and then a professional level. The first certification to be developed was the Certified Professional Innovator-Foundation Level,  first offered in February, 2014, at Innova-Con, the IAOIP global meeting in Houston. The association will follow this at regular intervals with professional level certifications on specific topics in innovation science such as tools and methodologies, management of innovation, and other specializations.  The IAOIP maintains multiple working groups focused on various aspects of the practice and science of innovation; their role is to constantly update the body of knowledge and develop the requirements for future certifications.

The Certification Framework: Obtaining the Certification

Certification is open to members of the IAOIP who are in good standing with the association. Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up for an IAOIP membership prior to registering for the examination. Then, with the registration complete, members can join study groups, download Study GuidesIAOIP Definition Glossaryand the Playbook, and then contact professional trainers who are already certified. It is recommended that members sign up for an exam date several months in advance as it provides ample motivation to study.

If you have any questions regarding the IAOIP Certification process, please contact the Certification Committee Chairman, Dana Landry, at dana@IAOIP.org.

To REGISTER for the certification exam go to the certification registration page.

History of the IAOIP Certification

The first certification to be released was the Basic Certified Professional Innovator™ first offered in February, 2015, at Innova-Con, the IAOIP Global Innovation Conference in Houston, Texas. IAOIP will follow by releasing new certifications at regular intervals with professional level certifications on specific topics in innovation science such as: tools and methodologies, management of innovation, and other specializations. The IAOIP maintains multiple working groups focused on various aspects of the practice and the science of innovation. These groups’ specific role is to update the body of knowledge and develop the requirements for future certifications.

IAOIP Global Body of Knowledge  

Successful completion of this exam is required to move to the next level of exams. The non-member price includes membership in the IAOIP. Member cost is $200.

Members $200.
Non-Members $400.00


This is one of 10 exams that need to be passed to become certified at the advanced level. Member price is $50.

Members $50
Non-Members $250.00


Certified Innovation Manager
This exam is designed for individuals that will be responsible for managing innovation teams. After passing this, you will be eligible for the Certified Chief Innovation Officer designation when it is avaiable.

Members $200



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